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PostSubject: Azure Cloudburst   Azure Cloudburst I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 14, 2012 7:40 pm

Azure Cloudburst
Azure Cloudburst Clouds

[size=13]Gender: Male

Species: Earth Pony

Mane: An odd, if not aesthetically pleasing mix of crimson and gray.

Tail: Azure's tail follow's his mane's color scheme.

Eyes: A bright, vibrant green

Body: Azure is a sightly earth pony to say the least, having a respectable stature as well as a nicely built physique. Put simply, his coat is a splotchy, rather messy bluish color--sort of like he'd been in some kind of terrible painting accident.

Cutie Mark: A minuscule cluster of thunderstorm clouds.

Age: Adult

Personality: Azure is a rather mild individual, preferring overcast days and friendly company. He is very outgoing and kind, and is rarely seen in a sad or otherwise negative mood. Always ready to have a good time, he can get along with most any pony, and isn't afraid to dive outside of his comfort zone to try something new. Also sort of a hopeless romantic, a shier and more soft spoken (and blushy) side of him is drawn out whenever he finds himself caught in an intimate moment with another. He is naturally modest, though is very confident in his abilities as an earth pony. Azure also has a bit of a competitive edge whenever playing a game pitting two individuals against one another.

Likes: Friends, company, rainy days, occasional sweets (he has something of a soft spot for sour hard candies), physical activities, action-oriented literature, painting, drawing, the occasional cliché daydream about meeting a pony of his dreams, falling in love, coming to happily whittle his days away with them. Cliché indeed.

Dislikes: Arrogant and rude individuals, scorching hot days, having nothing to eat up his time, the word "irregardless".


This stallion comes from a rather ordinary family, nothing too special about them. He was born and raised like any other filly might be, and lived a happy life. The only real deviance from this otherwise typical pony, was that he was "the big softy" everyone knew. Built muscular, but with a gentle mindset that harshly contrasted this. That and he enjoyed the rain. Azure in fact loved the outdoors, much more than he enjoyed the hustle and bustle of city life. When he was still growing up, being able to rely on himself was a skill he took pride in, and was something that carried over into his adult life today. Filly years having long since passed, this earth pony moved into his own house that he himself built in what was more or less the outskirts of Ponyville. He often visits Ponyville, whether to stock up on supplies, meet someone new, or to see an old face.

Example RP segment:

Laden eyelids slowly pried themselves open; a blurry vision of the crisp world around him flooded in. His ears picked up the heavy pitter-patter of small water droplets bombarding the ground without mercy.

It had been raining consistently for the past several days, one torrential downpour accompanied by the next. His body was stiff, he'd been laying--well, sleeping--in the poor weather conditions for a few hours now.

He was still sore as ever from all of that extra work he'd put himself through yesterday, gathering wood for the winter that wasn't far off. The pain to laugh was twofold compared to just breathing. None of this was a downer to him though, life was good.

These euphoric feelings, "happiness," made him have an unusually joyful outlook on the world today. The ground was moist, saturated with plentiful amounts of rainwater. While the trail leading to his house remained quite muddy, the grassy and leafy green area under the tree he lay was still relatively dry and comfortable.

The stallion eventually brought himself to stand up, looking this way and that. Most, if not all of the woodland critters were hiding still, not wanting to get drenched. Water running down and through his coat of fur, the pony made his way back inside to clean up.

"I should visit Ponyville today, maybe there'll be a nice new pony for me to meet," he whispered to himself enthusiastically with a grin.

A few minutes later, the stallion had gathered a decent amount of bits with which to spend at the stalls. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, right? In a satchel hung from his back jingled the small pieces of money, as well as a few other basics. A bit of water--as if there wasn't enough of that already outside, hah--a book to read should he find himself without anything to do while out, and a couple pictures of him with friends to look back on nostalgically. Figuring he was set, the stallion trotted excitedly out of his house, and down the path that would in due time bring him to the inner parts of Ponyville.

Please note: I might elaborate further on my role play sample later later down the road, and maybe update it as a sort of pastime if I continue to fail with inserting myself into other role plays. Also, I would elaborate more on my character, though I think I should leave plenty of room for further development. (:

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Azure Cloudburst
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