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 Lava Wave

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PostSubject: Lava Wave   Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:22 pm

Lava Wave

Gender: Mare.
Species: Pegasus.
Appearance: Lava Wave is a small mare, but that is completely because she is quite young. This female is still a filly and not long ago did she loose her mother and was taken in by Electrifying Philosophy who is now raising her. Her body is a dull purple color and her hooves are even a darker, dull purple color. Lava Wave's eyes are a shade of dark blue too and her ears are almost always down. They don't perk up very often, she prefers them down anyways since that's the way they always were. As for her mane and tail, they have two colors. Orange and pink. Two colors which suit her perfectly fine, though her caretaker would find her adorable no matter what colors she was as long as she was herself.
Personality: Lava Wave is shy and quiet, she fears a lot of things that are her size or bigger and is intimidated by others quite easily. She'll speak up at times when she feels safe, but since she lost her mother she hasn't been quite the same and that ends up making her quiet. She's also a bit playful too, mostly when she's around E.P and he's willing to play with her. But this personality is only shown around S.E from time to time. If any other pony, Pegasus or unicorn was around her, she'd run to her caretaker or just stay silent. She's somewhat easy to make friends with if someone has enough patience to deal with this shy personality but most ponies also have to make friends with Electrifying Philosophy who is her caretaker. He's quite harder to make friends with though. Despite all this, she can be friendly and every once in a while she has bursts of confidence and courage. Lastly, Lava Wave is pretty clumsy and fumbles over her own hooves at times too.
History: Well this will be short and well, depressing. Lava Wave was born to a homeless Pegasus in the slums of Manehattan where she lived as a homeless pony with her mother. Her mother's health kept decreasing, but any food that her mother earned would mostly go towards keeping Lava Wave alive and happy. However, Lava Wave was far from happy. She didn't know what her mother was doing to herself, didn't know why all the food went to her and didn't know why her shape was worsening. However, one day the time came when her mother finally passed away from starvation while she was still a filly. It wasn't long after while she was crying relentlessly did Electrifying Philosophy come to her rescue. He promised to tell her what happened to her mother when she was older and took her in. She now lives with Electrifying Philosophy who is her current caretaker and is raising her and Shocking Electricity, Electrifying Philosophy's younger brother. They live in the slums in a small house that isn't in the best condition but it works for the three of them.
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PostSubject: Re: Lava Wave   Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:50 pm

Why does everyone make such sad back-stories. T.T

Approved, but I'm sad that her life been so awful up to this point. TT.TT
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Lava Wave
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