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 Electrifying Philosophy

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PostSubject: Electrifying Philosophy    Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:17 am


Gender: Male.
Species: Pegasus.
Mane: A mixture of green and yellow.
Tail: A mixture of green and yellow.
Eyes: Dark purple.
Body: A dull blue though his hooves are a lighter blue then his body.
Cutie Mark: A horseshoe.
Age: An adult [stallion].
Personality: Electrifying Philosophy, more commonly known by his initials E.P since it is less of a mouthful, isn't the friendliest pony out there. His younger brother, Shocking Electricity is even more friendlier then he is. However, E.P is rather polite to everyone though he's grumpy and again, not that friendly. Despite all of this, he has been known to open up more around friends and family. As far as friends go, he's a tough friend to make but a great friend to have. Just like he would his family, he'll stick to his friends if they need him. But the filly he took in, Lava Wave, will be his top priority for a while.

E.P isn't very fun to be around either, but he can be from time to time. He's more serious and not one to play around, though his playful side is mostly shown to Lava Wave. At times, his younger brother can also see this personality side as well.

Moving on, E.P isn't a very social pony either. He'll stand up for a friend or a family member, but most likely will be seen avoiding conversations unless he is brought into one in which he'll somewhat willing continue the conversation though he won't be very happy about being brought into the said conversation at all.

This personality is probably based off of his living situations, he wasn't completely this way until his elder brother, Lithium War left them. That's when most of his friendly and playful personality just seemed to leave him and he became more serious and more unsocial like he is today. Despite all of this though, that doesn't mean E.P can't be nice since he is completely capable of that, when he wants to be.
Likes: His friends and family, Lava Wave, working, himself.
Dislikes: Harm or threats to with his friends, his family or Lava Wave, the 'higher class' ponies [he has a slight grudge towards them seeing they have an easy life], Lithium War [quite an intense grudge on him for leaving him to raise his younger brother].

History: Born in Manehattan, he was raised more by Lithium War then his actual parents. He doesn't even know them that much, Lithium War was and still is the only one that knows them better then both his brothers. Speaking of which, E.P has two brothers. An older brother who is also an adult [stallion] who is already stated by the name of Lithium War. Most ponies call him Luthy though. His younger brother is Shocking Electricity, this is a teenage male pony who doesn't really know much of Luthy seeing as E.P raised him more then Luthy did.

When Electrifying Philosophy was going onto the teenage years of the pony, Shocking Electricity was just growing out of the colt stage, Luthy left them for Appleloosa [reasons will be revealed in Lithium War's bio. For now, it'll remain a secret]. So during work and raising Shocking Electricity, he kept a grudge on Luthy. They could of gone with but like always, Lithium War found a reason to hold them back. The reason this time was because of the danger out there and how he didn't want S.E or E.P to get hurt. But that's not the part E.P has a grudge on, it's the fact that Luthy never told them why he was leaving.

As Electrifying Philosophy was growing into the adult life and S.E, a teenager life, he found a filly who lost their mother coming home from one of his jobs. Now seeing as he never met his mother before, he took sympathy on her and took her in. Shocking Electricity wasn't very welcoming of her, but E.P took care of her like she was his own. He's quite protective of her.

Example RP segment: Complete shock overwhelmed him as his dark purple eyes stared down an alley way of Manehattan, but it wasn't the darkness of the alley he was focused on. He was actually quite focused on a small purple pony who had purple and orange hair, crying relentlessly next to a thin, lifeless body of another pony he figured to be the pony's mother. The dull blue stallion was fine with the homeless but he knew the filly was not only homeless but had just lost her mother too.

It wasn't long until sympathy hit him, he knew what it was like to be without a mother or parents. He barely even remembered his own. As this sympathy took him over, his light blue hooves began to trot over towards the filly who just kept crying. But as he got closer to her, she fumbled over to her mother's side with both sadness and fear on her face. Her moment of silence vanished quickly as she started crying again. But by this time, Electrifying Philosophy stood in front of her.

He bent down slightly to get to her level and looked her over for a moment, "What's your name?" He asked with a surprisingly gentle and friendly tone in his voice. It was something not a lot of ponies heard from him. As for the filly, she sniffled and looked at him. Her eyes were still filled with tears but it seemed she wasn't as afraid as she looked like she was before. "Lava Wave." The filly whimpered in response. "M-Mama fell asleep and n-never woke up." The light dull purple filly commented, sniffling as she sat still and looked up at the stallion.

"Well i'm Electrifying Philosophy, most ponies call me E.P though." He introduced himself as he kept his dark purple eyes on her. "I apologize that your mother won't wake up but I can explain what happened when your older, right?" He added to his former introduction as lightly as he could. "W-Well I guess so, y-you promise right?" Lava Wave asked as she sniffled lightly. To the stallion, the filly was completely adorable. "Yes, I promise. For now, why don't you live with my brother and I? We have room for another pony" He offered politely. Now he knew that he was a Pegasus and his two brothers were also one, but he was going to use pony so he wouldn't confuse the filly. But by the looks of it, she was also a Pegasus and so was her mother.

With only a nod as an answer from Lava Wave who clumsily got to her hooves, Electrifying Philosophy began to lead her out of the alley way and towards the direction of where his home was. Where their home was.
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PostSubject: Re: Electrifying Philosophy    Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:23 pm

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Electrifying Philosophy
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