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 Rookie Star [Pegasus]

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Rookie Star


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PostSubject: Rookie Star [Pegasus]   Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:22 pm

Rookie Star
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Mane: His mane is not a very unique hairstyle, but he often wakes up with it in the morning, the same way. Its very stylish, though. Grey(first), light grey(second).
Tail: Much like his mane, its stylish and fits his personality even though its slightly smaller then most tails.
Eyes: Orange brilliant eyes, noticeable from a distance. They also "glow" in the dark at times. If asked, he will explain how he got it.
Body: He doesn't have any impressive muscles, but he can defend himself in a hoof fight. Rookie looks like a normal pegasus without his hat or cutie mark, but his personality is what makes him truly shine. He's the normal height of a pegasus, but can definitely take huge hits. In fact, that's one of the main reasons that he has held his 'Adventurer' status. He is able to take hits from most of the monsters of Equestria, but he cant take too much or he'll pretty much die.
Cutie Mark: A unique compass rose, having a striking resemblance to Daring Do's cutie mark. It reflects his adventurous personality. It also makes a good compass if he gets lost.
Age: 19
Clearer Appearance:
Larger appearance:

Personality: His personality is nice and charming, but he can definitely get annoying to some ponies who just want him to be silent and not explain things to the utter detail. He is a loving, knowing, and rarely sarcastic pegasus. He loves to fly, as most pegasi do, and often does so. However, when needed to stop flying, he will stop. He can show restraint, but only for a short time. A few days, perhaps. When talking to mares, he doesn't blush and do anything out of place like some of his friends are. In fact, he can give them advice from time to time. He's a good buck and if you spend time with him, he will know you as a sister/brother. Rookie Star can also be very understanding of both his enemies and his friends, and can give his friends advice from time to time. Whether its rivalries or something else, he often tries to end it.

Likes: Adventure, friends, bananas, apples. (Rest will be revealed IC)

Dislikes: Peanuts, Cannibals, Raiders, evil ponies. (Rest will be revealed IC)

History: His history is notable for it being perhaps one of the most interesting. He was born on the ground, to a town near Canterlot, hidden in the mountains. It wasn't of any note, but he certainly lived good there. He was taught how to hunt, how to make health potions, and how to identify what plants are good and not good to eat. The whole town was taught that, how to survive if they were forced to. Most ponies came there to taste their exotic food, or to learn things they couldn't in Ponyville, or in books. Rookie was named because his father often regarded him as a rookie in both survival, and other things. But he was a star. Which then, after a month of thinking of a name for the colt, came up with the name. Rookie Star learned most of the tips for survival in the wilderness from his father. He heard so much about adventure from him, also.

It was then, when he grew up, that he decided he would leave the town. With the support of his father and mother, after a few years he was allowed to leave. He defeated an animal, took its hide, and made it into a leather vest that gave him needed protection against weapons. He made his own saddlebag, and did that. His father made him a knife for him to defend himself. Then, on the day he was going to leave the town, he woke up in his bed with his cutie mark. It was a sign that he was doing the right thing, adventuring to see the rest of Equestria. As he said his goodbyes to the rest of the town, his mother added his cutie mark to his saddlebag quickly. She was always a good painter. He walked away from his home, exploring and doing good. If a mare or friend was in trouble, Rookie would help.

He was Rookie Star, an adventurer.


Rookie was walking along the dirt roads of a route leading to Ponyville, and he seen a young filly, no close to being a mare. Curious, he walked up to the young filly. "What's wrong?" Rookie asked, hoping to know what was wrong with the filly. Especially in the middle of nowhere. "M-my mom. I-i dont know where she is!" The filly screamed out, and Rookie looked into the fillies eyes and smiled. The filly stopped crying in just a small while, looking in to Rookie's eyes. Rookie himself could already feel a attachment to this child, and most of the time, he was good with talking to children. He sat down on his flank, right next to the filly. "I'm as lost as you are, but i make the most out of it. What's your name?" Rookie asked, having a compassionate tone. The filly, not feeling any danger from the buck, responded. "C-cinnamon Rose." Rookie smiled as she said her name. "Cinnamon Rose? That's a beautiful name."

The filly smiled, and although the tears started drying, Rookie noted that she would grow up into a beautiful mare. "Okay, miss." He said with a smirk, picking the filly up and putting her on his back. "Do you want to fly?" The filly was practically beaming with happiness when he said those words. He flapped his wings, and flew up into the sky. The wind felt amazing, and the filly enjoyed it, but held on to Rookie's neck. While she was enjoying possibly her first flying lesson ever, he looked around on the ground for the fillies mother. As he looked down, he seen a small caravan. "Just going to land for a minute, okay, Cinny?" Rookie explained, and the filly, Cinnamon Rose, nodded. He flapped his wings carefully as he landed on the ground lightly. Normally he had a more violent landing, but he had a child on his back. He didn't exactly want to make her cry.

The caravan was turned over and much of the contents inside were burning. Rookie flew up a bit using his winds, and flapping them hard made the flames cool down and leave burn marks over the crates that weren't already burnt to a crisp. Rookie didn't notice any casualties, but he opened a crate and found health potions inside. "Oh, a shipment." He said, noting that it was a shipment for health potions and the like. Healing balms and other things to help ponies in need. Rookie looked around the caravan more carefully, and found a grey coated mare laying down on the ground in pain. The filly jumped off Rookie's back and ran towards the mare. "Mommy! Mommy, please wake up!" Rookie approached the body cautiously, looking around for who ever did this. Nopony except them were in sight. Rookie sat on his flank, then touched the mare's neck. Her eyes were close and she looked like she was dead.

As he touched her neck, he felt a pulse. Very faint, but it was there. "She's not...sleeping that way, Cinnamon. She's alive, but stand back." Rookie said, and Cinnamon stood back. Rookie used his wings to get back in the cart. He then pulled out three health potions out of a crate. This mare needed to survive to tend to her child. He couldn't handle her. He didn't know a thing about parenting. As he walked to her barely living body, he opened her mouth and although it sounded wrong, he was just going to put all the health potions he can get into her. Rookie slapped her a bit, since she was looking as if she was sleeping. The mare woke up, but her eyes were closing and opening as if she was drowsy. "Look, I'm going to use these health potions on you, okay?" Rookie knew she couldn't answer, but she should have gotten the message.

He let her drink one health potion slowly. Her hooves couldn't move, and it seems as if she was crippled then left to die. Was she the target of this? These thoughts were infectious, but he was snapped out of it when he heard a disgusting 'CRACK' and he looked at her back hooves. One was broken, the other was getting fixed through the health potion. In no time, she was back up on her hooves. Although it was hard to imagine such a thing would happen, especially that the health potions were left behind, it was really something. He saved a mares life. Health potions were in high demand, especially at hospitals. They were rare and they had to be done in a specific way.

Once she was on her feet, Rookie helped them both to Ponyville. It may just be him, but it seemed like they needed his help a little longer.


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PostSubject: Re: Rookie Star [Pegasus]   Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:03 pm

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Rookie Star [Pegasus]
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