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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

Welcome to Equestria everypony! Come and Roleplay with your MLP OC in Ponyville and many other places!
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PostSubject: Klick-Klack   Klick-Klack I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 7:34 am

Image: Klick-Klack Klick_10
Gender: Male
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: Coal Black
Tail: Coal Black
Eyes: Steel Grey
Body: Orange
Cutie Mark: Two Metal Cogs
Age (Baby,adult): Late Adolescent

Personality: Klick-Klack can be quite shy when it comes to meeting new ponies, but he warms up rather quickly. He never was really that good at introducing himself, his mind always racing in different directions regarding first impressions und such. He would stand there in front of a new acquaitance, pupils flickering, gambling with himself as to what would be the best thing to say. After a very awkward silence, he would take a breath, start to grin, and just when expectations were arising, a nervous "Hi!" would break the silence. Klick-Klack in general is rather outgoing, yet there seems to be an aura of mystery around him, as if he's hiding something. He loves to help in every way he can, as not only does it build stronger relations between him as his friends, but also makes him feel useful. He is quick witted, and has gotten himself into trouble in the past, due to his occasional sarcasm.

Klick-Klack is very ambitious, and wishes to aid society with his inventions, as his grandfather did by assisting the designs of the famous dam.

Likes: Things that move without organic muscle power, Mountain air, dragons, apple pie, the smell of grass and motor oil, sketching, high speeds, the ability to fly, speaking german.
Dislikes: Power cuts, paper cuts, introducing himself, getting up in the morning, exercise, mental blocks, arrogance, and in some cases, magic.

History: Kilck-Klack was born in the outskirts of Las Pegasus, where his rich family resided. He was home educated, and as a result, he lacked certain social skills. His family's philosophy was to always stick together, but Klick-Klack showed disinterest in their buisness. He longed to be like his grandfather, who was a mechanic famous across all of Equestria. Klick-Klack would stay in his structurally superfluous room, twsiting gadgets, and trying to understand basic electronics. Months went by, and his parents decided to confront him with their concerns. They informed Klick-Klack about how unstable his choice of profession was, by the fact that his cutie mark was still non-existent. This threw Klick-Klack into a nasty battle with himself. Pondering wether to follow his most honest interest, or to resume his family's successful wealthy buisness. His Mother, feeling sorry for denying him his interests, decided she would motivate him. She told her little Klick-Klack the secret of her beloved father.

Two weeks later, Klick-Klack was walking into the distance, gradually being enshrouded by the early morning mist. His grieving parents watched as he ventured away, seeking his succession. Klick-Klack soon fell in love with Equestrian nature, as it was a beauty he had never seen before, being hushed away in riches and protection. He was mesmerized by the dragon migration, and followed their trail high up through the mountains. The air was magnificent, and he dreamed of gliding the sky, escalating out of the grip of dirt and sturdiness.

His travels led him through a dark, sinister yet majestic forest. I cannot tell you what happened within the trees, I'm afraid. That'll require a different story. All I can say is that he erected from that ominous place with two Steel cogs on his flank. He now knew his purpose. He headed towards the distant town named Ponyville, hoping to learn to values of friendship.

Example RP segment:(Number 3)
The torrential rain hammered on the thatched houses of Ponyville. The storm had caught the newly-arrived Klick-Klack by suprise. He trudged down the road, his hooves making heavy spluching sounds in the mud. His mane drooped with weight across his face, resulting in him barely being able to see.
"Why now, Pegusi?" he muttered. He loved the pegusi, and he greatly envied their flight ability. His ears picked up cheers through the downpour, a dim light flickered through the fog and hair infront of his eyes.
"Oh! a tavern..." He wasn't really in the mood for talking to people at the time, but he could barely see, let alone get home.

Trying to look as casual as possible, Flick-Flack nudged through the door.
"Ok, lots of people... don't look stupid, Flick-Flack, come on, be normal!" As a result, he entered and caught his hoof on the door mat, making him land face first on the floor. He stayed in the abstract position, waiting for unforgiving laughter. However, nobody had heard or seen him. The rain was considerably loud, but the chatter of the customers was even louder. Feeling refreshingly relieved, Klick-Klack got up on all fours, and brushed the dirt from his mane.
Then, a beautiful unicorn appraoched. She was a light steel blue, with a luscious turquoise mane, which twirled down her neck.
"Oh my goodness, are you alright? I saw you fall! are you hurt?" She looked at Flick-Flack with her bright yet deep blue eyes. Flick-Flack wasn't really prepared fro this. He stared at her, mouth half open.
"Um, I, uh, yeah, I'm hurt! Uh..."
She gapsed.
"Oh no! where? should I take you to the hospital?"
"What? No! I mean, no thank you. Uh... Hang on, sorry, I'm not hurt! That's right, I'm not hurt.!" He put on a strange grin, and slowly edged towards the tables.
"Thanks for the offer, though. I mean, taking me to hospital. If I were hurt, I would have appreciated you taking me to the uh.. hospital. So, what's your name?"
The unicorn replied with a cheerful smile,
"Shining Gem! But you can call me just Gem. And yours?"
"Me? I'm called Flick-Flack." He had his confidence back now, even though the unicorn was stunningly attractive.
"Flick-Flack?" She giggled.
"That's so cute! what do you do?"
"Well, that's quite a tale!" He replied.
The eveing took its course. Flick-Flack made his first friend in Ponyville. The rain had diminished, but He stayed in the tavern with the company of Gem for a long while. He layed restless in bed that night. He was happy to call this Town his new home.
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PostSubject: Re: Klick-Klack   Klick-Klack I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 12:31 pm

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